White Elephant NIGHTLIGHT for Children | Nursery Decor Gift for Baby Shower

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About us:

In all honesty, I never started out wanting to create a business.  In 2009 I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art from a small college in CA and my plan was to work at any art related job I could find.  Several years later, when my daughter Lily was born, I sculpted a piggy bank out of clay for her that had butterflies and flowers cut out of it.  My sister in law suggested that I put a light in it thinking that it would be beautiful lit up - and Lily's Lights was born!  

It took more than a year to develop the elephant, our flagship light.  I originally planned to sell enough to fund a trip to Germany for a friends wedding, but after the demand for our lights exploded, I never made it across the pond.  

My entire process of creating the night lights began with a homemade mold made from an original sculpture. The mold allows the walls of the night lights to be thin enough to carve delicate features. The more carvings I am able to do, the more my pieces glow, creating fun shadows on the wall for kids to look at. Lilly’s Lights is a family owned company that makes each product with great care, aiming to provide the highest quality night lights and acheive great customer & kid satisfaction.
I love to show my creativity through this medium and will continue to produce new animal night lights for you to enjoy.  Building this business from my living room to where we are now has been uneblievably challeging and rewarding.  Thanks to your support Lilys Lights has never been healthier, and we are looking forward to what the future brings. From the bottom of my heart, thank you and enjoy your beautiful night light! 
- Ashley
Owner, Creator, Designer

Ceramic products are known for its high tolerance of heat, pressure, and for its extreme hardness. With these ceramic animal inspired night light from Lily’s Lights which are proudly hand crafted and hand painted providing comfortability to your kids who are afraid of the dark. These cute animal designed ceramic night lights are made for your kids for their playtime and bed time, the animal design light illuminating from these night lights will entertain your kids and make them feel the joy that is found in the dark. Lily’s light has different ceramic animal night light that you can choose from, that also comes in different colors. Give your little ones a cute treat with these night lights, and let their room glow with happiness!