This or That Original Diaper Changing Coin | Flip Coin to See Who Changes Diaper – Baby Shower Gift

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Style: Original Diaper Changing Coin

Imagine that moment when you can’t take it anymore. You need to sleep for five minutes (is that asking for too much?!), and you just wish your beautiful, loving, you-can’t-imagine-being-without-her/him child would just be quiet! Now imagine your partner sitting or lying (or dashing for the door) across from you, having those very same thoughts. How can you possibly come to a fair resolution? Easy. Flip the Coin.

This or That™ Original Diaper Changing Coin is made of solid proprietary Antique Brass, giving it a hefty weight (26.5 grams) that feels good in your hands, but not so heavy that you can’t give it a good flip. It has a diameter of 39 mm with nice thickness. This large, beautifully designed made-in-USA coin, complete with a luxurious velvet pouch, makes a unique baby shower present for expectant parents or a wonderful keepsake to celebrate the birth of your child. It’s a great way to bring some much-needed levity and playfulness to the challenges of childrearing, first time or otherwise.

This baby shower gift is sure to stand out among a sea of strollers, cribs, onesies, pacifiers, pillows, swaddle blankets, baby wraps, baby monitors, Baby Einsteins, maternity wear, bottle warmers, diaper bags, changing mats, disposable wipes, car seats, instant formulas, baby guards and stuffed animals. Aside from being fun and unique, think of all the problems that this beautifully designed commemorative coin can resolve, such as:

- Whose turn is it to change the diaper?

- Burp the little one?

- Entertain cutie patootie?

- Check on peanut?

- Fix the bottle?

- Put sweetie to bed?

- Run to the grocery store?

- Nap?

Try This or That™ Original Diaper Changing Coin and see how your life can change instantly with the flip of a coin!

Disclaimer: You won’t always come out on top with this coin, but it does give you a fighting chance.