South Bend Woodworks Kids Personalized Wooden Peg Name Puzzle - Up to 9 Characters (Including Spaces)

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South Bend Woodworks creates one-of-a-kind gift for your one-of-a-kind child. These three-dimensional, colorful letters fit neatly into place within our handcrafted Baltic birch board and they now come with pegs to make it even easier for children. Your children will learn motor skills manipulating the letters and gain recognition of letters and the order in which they spell their name. Puzzle with up to 5 letters measures 12" x 4". Puzzle with 6 to 7 letters measures 15" x 4". Puzzle with 8 to 9 letters measures 18" x 4". NOTE: The customization option defaults to black ink. Primary or Pastel mix will be used based on your selection of Font Family. Free Shipping on All Orders!