New Mom Gift Box with All-Natural Bath & Body Care by Blue Moon Elise. Baby-Safe, Relaxing & Healing. Handmade Soap, Bath Salts, Body Oil, Mist, Lip Balm with Lavender Essential Oils

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BMe Products were founded 20 years ago by owner and formulator Rachel Elise who began her search for natural remedies to help her with debilitating symptoms from depression, chronic arthritis, hyperglycemia, ovarian cysts and the beginnings of colon cancer. With full recoveries in all of these aliments, Rachel discovered that the body care industry was one of the most toxic laden industries with carcinogens! Beauty and Hygiene being partly responsible for cancer was a life-changing discovery and she began making her own body care in 1999, which turned into a hobby for others and then a full time business in 2003. Now BMe is her base retail store in the Appalachian mountains of Murphy, North Carolina in which all the production takes place in house and is sold nationally at other health care stores and spas as well as online. Why is using natural so important? Your skin is porous and acts like a sponge absorbing what you place on it. For manufacturing purposes, the majority of commercially made soaps contain synthetic lathering agents such as sodium laurel sulfate, chemical preservatives like parabens, synthetic dyes, and chemical fragrances, AKA, perfumes. All of which pollute your bloodstream and are harsh on your skin resulting in not just poor quality skin, but a toxic burden to your immune system. We believe using body care that is toxic is an outdated process!