Natural Wooden Baby Toys Baby's First Christmas Toy Cotton Crochet Bunny Teething Ring Teether and Rattle Montessori Inspired Newborn Unisex Baby Shower Gift… (Sleepy Bunny)

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Color: sleepy bunny

Natural and Beautiful Cotton Crochet Tan Bunny and 3 Ring Wooden Tattle Toy.

♥ 1 Soft Cotton Crochet bunny rattle and 1 Wooden Classic 3 Ring Rattle.

♥ Pairs well with our "Mali Maple" wooden collection.
♥ Nature carries its own perks! Wood Naturally has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties! Unlike Silicone teethers, wood doesn’t attract dust, no need to keep rinsing.
♥ Great Size Teethers and easy on baby’s hands. Multi Use- Toys for Playing, Photo Props or Keepsake for years of Reminiscence. Easily Attaches to stroller, car seat, baby gym, pacifier straps.

♥Comes in a Cute Gift Box, Ready for gifting.

♥ Do not use with high temperature water or heat as it may cause wood to dry, crack and become rough.
Time to clean your wooden teether? Simply use a fine grit sandpaper, similar to nail filer, and brush away any dirt or damage on the wood’s surface. This is the best way to safely restore and clean your natural untreated wooden toys. Use natural or castile soap on cottons around teether. Sponge out as much water as possible using a lint free towel after eash wash. Hang or lay flat to dry completely. Crochet Deer Rattle measures 7 inches tall and 3 ring wooden rattle measure 6 inches long .

♥ Our Natural Wooden toys and Cotton Crochet Toys are COMPATIBLE with Essential Oil use!

Natural Untreated Unsealed products. Phthalate free, Latex Free, Lead Free, BPA Free
Please Note Our Teethers have not been tested for animals. A dog's bit has an avg. of 250lbs of pressure per bite. Keep away from pet’s bite and Saliva.