Munchkin Nibbles & Giggles Toddler Gift Set, Includes 10oz Miracle 360 Cup and Snack Catcher, Blue

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Color: Blue Gift Set

Sometimes it feels like toddlers are in snacking mode 24 hours a day. Be prepared when the next snack attack strikes with our nibbles & giggles gift Set, which includes our bestselling spill-proof snack container and Spoutless Sippy cup. Where toddlers go, messes follow, but you can do your part to keep crumbs and drips contained. The portable snack Catcher has a twist-on top, easy-grip handles and silicone flaps that allow little hands to grab snacks with ease. Those same soft flaps prevent self-feeding toddlers from leaving a telltale Trail behind! And when time comes to wash it all down, the Miracle 360 Degree sippy cup lives up to its name. This no Spill toddler transition Cup has a 360-degree rim like a regular cup, and a valve that closes  and creates a Leak proof seal when a child isn't drinking. The dentist recommended Spoutless design helps support normal muscle development in a child's mouth, too. Here's to healthy, spill-free snacking!