MMP Living 6-in-1 Play Cube Activity Center - Wood, 8" - 6 Sided Including Counting, Gears, Abacus, tic tac Toe, Block Track and 3 Different Bead Play Options

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6-in-1 Play Cube Activity Center - Wood

This colorful wooden play cube features 6 games in 1 that will keep your toddler busy for hours! Colorful wooden cube features 6 different activities: tic tac toe blocks that spin, wooden gears that turn, counting fish, wire and bead play, sliding shapes and abacus counting beads. Bead and wire play panel can be reversed so it tucks into the cube for easy storage or can be used as a separate table-top activity. Play cube is excellent in assisting fine motor development and is a wonderful addition to any toddler’s toy chest. Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 8" (with bead play inverted), 8 x 8 x 14" (with bead play exposed). Ages 12mos+

Play Cube - Classic Toddler Play

Play is a key component to a toddler’s sensory, fine motor skill, and hand-eye coordination development as well as problem solving. MMP LIVING’s play cube activity center keeps them busy and entertained with 6 sides of activities to explore and discover. Captivate them with sound and movement as they build their self-confidence through simple cause and effect actions and tactile, hands-on activities.

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Play Cube features: Wooden gears that turn, counting fish, abacus counting beads

Play Cube features: tic tac toe blocks that spin, sliding shapes

Play Cube features: removable wire and bead play