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Explore the Full Potential of Tummy Time

At LORITOYS, we dedicate ourselves to your child and their promising future. Founded by a mother and kindergarten teacher, we know how pivotal interactive play is to an infant’s cognitive and social development. We seek to share the wonder of color, shape, and texture with your baby, helping your little one gather the skills that make them grow strong and smart. LORITOYS’ tummy time:

Creates stabilizing muscle strength in the neck, shoulders, and upper body
Builds the strength for rolling over, crawling, and walking
Prevents head flattening by lifting the head from the ground

Hones hand-eye coordination
Improves fine motor skills
Enhances cognitive pathways
Accelerates the development of social skills

A Soft, Safe Space
For ages 3 months and up, this roomy baby-play mat is 26 in. wide, 20 in. long, and 2.4 in. high. Cushioned with both buoyant air and squishy water, this sensory toy lifts your precious, developing child comfortably from the hard floor.

No-Fuss Setup
Being a parent is hard, but setting up and taking down your tummy-time water play mat shouldn’t be. With LORITOYS, setup and cleanup are refreshingly quick and easy. Inflate the outer edges, fill the inner pool with as much or less water as you want, and voila! When your baby is done, put the mat in the closet for next time or deflate and drain. Fold it tight and deposit it in a drawer, or tuck it in a diaper bag to take it on the go!

Getting Crystal Clear Waters Is a Cinch
Worried about the water-attracting bacteria? There’s an easy fix. Change the water frequently, and add a couple of tablespoons of vinegar for clean, worry-free fun
Discover the power and pure delight of interactive play with LORITOYS’ inflatable tummy-time mat when you add one to your cart TODAY!