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Transforms Any Room Into A Vibrant Galaxy Of Stars In Any Color!

Let’s face it, you’ve put a lot of effort into decorating your home – not least of all, your child’s nursery and room. Don’t settle for generic, uninspiring night lights that simply feel like an afterthought. The Housebeat turtle star projector and night light is a creative, colorful, and cuddly alternative!

Turn the walls and ceiling of any room into a vibrant galaxy scene in an instant, sending your child’s imagination to wander into pleasant dreams of sleep. This turtle and the stars that come from it are sure to become a part of your child’s fondest memories!

Soothing Rotations And 4 Vibrant Colors

For variety, you can set your bedroom planetarium to rotate a full 360° at an easy pace which helps lull children to sleep with the gentle motion as well as adding endless variety. Additionally, you can choose between 4 different colors besides white: red, blue, yellow, and green.

Both of these features dramatically add to the interest and visual appeal of this star projector, making it interesting enough even for adults to find it completely entrancing!

Of course, if you do simply need to turn this turtle into a regular soft white night light from time to time, you can put the cap onto the star projector and it produces the warm glow most nightlights are only capable of. That way, you have options for different moods and uses.

Outstanding Gift

Finally, the Housebeat turtle light is an amazingly versatile gift! Almost any mother or a child or baby would appreciate the thoughtfulness of this cuddly and unique night light. It even makes a good gift for teenagers, young adults, and artistic or creative adults.

One thing is for sure: the person you are thinking of does not already have a turtle star projector! So get yours today.