GreenBaby Monthly Milestone Blanket | Double Sided with Green Effect | Bonus Mobile Application & Milestone Stickers |%100 Organic Fleece Extra Soft | Baby Shower Gift | Newborn Photography | 60"x40"

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Instruction for using our GreenBaby Milestone blanket with GreenBaby App :

✅ Please note that, the application is initially designed for IOS Mobile Phones. We have on going improvements for Android phones but, keying backgrounds with Android phone might have issues if your phone doesn't have strong specifications.
✅Also for best performance, please use the day light!
✅ Some fun advises : GreenBaby blanket is not only for babies but also for big babies like you! You can turn this blanket into an invisibility cloak in seconds! Just shoot a blank video of in front of a door or wall. Then take the green side of blanket on you and stay on that exact same place where you shoot the blank video and use the video as a background. Your invisibility cloak video is ready!
✅ As a second tip, you can try to make your own burrito blanket very quick by finding a burrito background photo.


Why to choose GreenBaby Milestone Blanket ?

❇️ Green side of blanket is adding a different level of fun to usual milestone blanket photo experience.
❇️ You can create your customized and personalized pictures/videos by using our GreenBaby Milestone Blanket with together GreenBaby Mobile Application.
❇️ With extra large size and thick material, you can use our blanket for your twins or for other multiple purposes such as muslin or nursery blanket. Also easily you can put your boys/girls favorite plush toy next to calendar since there is plenty of space.
❇️ Addition to mobile application, we have extra small props like stickers to capture first milestones. Also a star for pointing the month number in photos
❇️ Unisex design for infant/newborns.
❇️ Looking for gifts for a baby boy or girl ? This lovely blanket will definitely put some smiles when they received it.
❇️ With help of GreenBaby App, you can customize your backdrop for tiny loved ones for every other months!