Glass Favor Jars With Cork Lids - Mason Jar Wedding Favors Apothecary Jars Honey Pot Bottles With Personalized Label Tags and String - 3.4oz [12pc Bul

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Ideal as favor jars for your big event, miniature vases for fresh flowers. Use them to store practically anything, from your international beach sand collection to precious saffron stigmas (yes, stigmas, that’s what they’re really called)

Swap out the cork lid for a square of cheese cloth for a different look, and you’ve got a cute vessel for gifting tasty homemade treats like candy, dried fruit or even farm fresh honey.

Seriously, we could give you a list of 101 uses for these favor jars!

Labelling Sorted
We’ve organized the perfect label solution for your jars to save you the leg work.
20 quality natural brown paper tags and a big bundle of string is going to make your life easier, though we can guarantee the handwriting part is going to be!

Carefully Packaged
We want to make sure everything arrives intact. So each jar is individually bubble wrapped, separated by 5py cardboard dividers and then packed in a 5ply cardboard export carton.

Will It Fit?
- Diameter: 57mm
- Height: 80mm
- Inner neck diameter: 40mm
- Outer neck diameter: 52mm

What’s In The Box?
- 12 glass jars
- 12 cork lids
- 20 brown paper labels (1.25 * 0.75”)
- 1 big bundle of string (15 feet approx)

Convenient, practical and elegant

Click the orange ‘Add to Cart’ button above because our favor jars will be a guaranteed hit, for whatever you plan using them for!

✅ NOTE: We have recently improved our honey jar by almost doubling the thickness of our cork lids, giving your jars a tighter seal. Our cork lids are now 22mm thick, instead of the standard 12mm.