Cry Detector Plush, Lullabies and White Noise Machine Baby Light Projector on Ceiling, Crib Soother Part of Baby Necessities and Baby Registry Items

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Perfect baby music soothers for sleep ythat is functional, reliable, cute and convenient.

Provides comfort and night light for your precious one to hold while they are sleeping  

Easily washable in case of any mess.

Screw driver included.

All you need to do is add the batteries of your choice and your baby sound machine is ready to go! We recommend high quality ones for them to last longer. 

When turning on the sound on your own, it will shutoff after 30 minutes which is great for putting your child to sleep initially.

There are 10 levels of sound depending on your needs.

Afterwards, if you decide to use the cry sensor, it'll only take 5 minutes for it to turn off again. It's enough for your baby to fall back to sleep and for you to enjoy your well deserved rest for the night.