Cookbook People Personalized 14in Large Wood Spatula and Spoon Set - Add your name to handles - Cotton Gift Bag - Beech Hard Wood - Heirloom Quality

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This exquisite, sturdy 3 piece spatula/spoon set is ready for your personalization. Add your name to the handle, or label them however you wish. This is a great way to add on something extra to a gift, or just to keep track of your own utensils in your own home or when you take them to parties. However you use them, they are genuine heirloom quality. Longer than the average and with ergonomically designed handles for a comfortable and safe grip, these stylish utensils are made from quality beech wood. Solid and durable, but with a smooth finish that makes them feel soft in your hands.You will receive this set in a cloth drawstring bag.

Unique As our spoons/spatulas are all crafted from natural beech wood and engraved individually, no two are alike. Please be aware that the spoons/spatula you receive and the tone of the engraving may vary from the pictures shown.

Care Care instructions: Hand wash with warm soapy water. We recommend treating with a food-grade oil such as mineral oil or walnut oil to preserve the wood and bring out its beautiful tones.

Darken it up A quick rub of walnut oil (find it next to Olive Oil) and this will positively glow a deep beautiful brown. You can get similar effects with mineral oil (look in the pharmacy section--usually just a few dollars.)

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