BABY SENSE Taglet Security Baby Blanket Lovey with Pacifier Tag | Soft, Soothing, Comfortable, Warm, Cozy | Unisex & Toddler | Durable & Machine Washable (Pink)

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What began as a small family owned company and brand in South Africa, has grown considerably into a world-renowned brand. It started with the launch of a baby care book, Baby Sense, which became a bestseller and two-time award winner. The first book formed the basis for the Sense-series baby care book range and baby products range .

Our products and services today include a range of hand-made baby products and parenting books, developed by leading parenting experts.

Drawing on the experience of leading parenting experts, our ever-growing product range has become synonymous with superior quality.

Everything we do is inspired by wonderful moms, and has been perfected over many years. It starts with a strong foundation of expert knowledge and results in beautiful, practical and well researched products that moms across the world have come to rely on.

We empower parents around the world to experience the most precious and fascinating journey from womb to world and beyond; confidently and beautifully.