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Product Description

Savor Baby Edition Keepsake Boxes make it super simple and chic to save the most important memories from childhood.

Savor Baby Keepsake Library: Savor Every Moment, Simply.

These Aren't Your Grandmother's Keepsake Box

The ideal gift for a new parent, Savor makes organizing family memories easy, fun, and stylish, even for the busiest modern parents.  Our thoughtfully-designed, handcrafted keepsake boxes make sorting all your keepsakes - from the blankie that comforted her to the first lost tooth - a snap.  So you spend more sharing memories, and less time organizing them.

Save What Matters Most, Simply.

Savor Baby Edition Keepsake Box

Savor Keepsake Boxes Include Everything You Need to Organize and Preserve Your Baby's Keepsakes

Our turnkey system makes it easy to save the memories that matter most.  No more losing these priceless mementos.   Each edition of The Library Baby Keepsake Box includes:


-Custom-dyed cloth-covered boxes

-Acid-free paper protects items

-Vertical files for documents

-Drawers for physical objects like booties, hospital keepsakes and more

-50+ labels tell you what goes where

-Personalizable with included letters or photos

-A Birthday Survey for a yearly snapshot of your child's faves

-Stoppered drawers

-Coordinated ribbon pulls

Saving Memories Can Be the Best Memory

father and son saving memories in savor keepsake box

Families Love Looking through Memories Together

In this digital age, physical objects take on special meaning. They transport us right back to specific milestone moments in our past. Because Savor Keepsake Boxes are pretty, you keep them out, so your memories are easily accessible. Children love to look through their important items. It's the difference between photos on your hard drive and the photo book on your coffee table that gets looked at again and again.

The Difference is in the Details


Designed to resemble coffee table books, The Library boxes slide out to reveal a set of drawers and vertical files, so every memory has its place. Illustrated labels guide you in what to save.


No need to send it out or pay extra, every box comes personalized with included acetate initials or use your chid's photographs.  Each child feels special to have her own box.


Attention to detail is key: from acid-free paper to stoppered drawers, from custom-dyed fabric to envelopes for first lost tooth. These sturdy boxes built to last.

Collect 'em All

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Savor creates memory boxes for all of life's key moments, from baby to childhood to engagement and wedding. So go ahead, tell your story. And discover why everyone from Martha Stewart Weddings to Real Simple love these "genius" keepsake boxes.